Client Testimonials

Golda, CEO of Whatscookin’

“I’m proud to say Whatscookin’ is among the early adopters to take advantage of this new tool to help entrepreneurs raise capital, but we needed to understand in detail exactly how the CAFE worked. Attorney Richard Nacht and his financial guru brother Gary guided us successfully and efficiently through the novel process of setting up our Fairmint CAFE, not to mention the various Federal and state filings, all of which was new to us. The CAFE was a critical choice for us because it allowed us to granularly share equity with all our contributors as well as provide a vehicle to receive continuous investments from our smaller investors.

Richard and Gary patiently and honestly answered all our questions. When they had concerns with parts of the documentation offered by Fairmint, they were proactive to make sure things were drafted in our best interest. They were also generous with sharing materials they had created above and beyond our original contract that made the entire process so much more efficient and understandable.

To their credit, they also honored our fixed price contract. While we did try to be respectful of their time, we had many burning questions that were time consuming to research and answer. In every case, they were extremely responsive and unfailingly helpful.

In short, Richard and Gary’s leadership and assistance was critical in our successful CAFE launch and in the process of answering questions from our initial investors. Due in no small part to their help, we secured an initial CAFE investor during the launch process and were able to respond promptly to each of their attorney’s questions. Our filings were completed without a hitch in all the states we were required to file, and we have been able to focus on everything else we need to do to make our company a success. I highly recommend them – you won’t find a more capable team anywhere else.”

Golda Velez

Founder, CEO

You are in good hands with Gary and Richard on your team!

“I chose to work with Gary and Richard due to their many years of experience in their fields and because they had several CAFÉ launches under their belt. They have a wealth of knowledge regarding state and federal regulations, filing requirements, equity distributions, employment agreements and how the CAFÉ relates to traditional forms of financing. They helped me with both the formation of BlockScience Labs and the initialization of our CAFÉ. I had many questions that both Richard and Gary answered patiently and completely. They are always willing to jump on a call to help explain things very clearly. You are in good hands with Gary and Richard on your team!”

Chris Frazier

Co-Founder - BlockScience Labs, Inc.

Strategic planning and financial modeling for early-stage tech services company

“We are an early-stage tech company about to launch a unique platform connecting consumers with professional service providers. We brought Gary on board to help with everything from constructing our financial forecasts, valuation, pitch deck, investor terms sheets, deal structure, options plans and much more. He also provided extraordinary guidance to help us focus our resources on critical priorities. The depth and breadth of his experience, learned from years of owning and advising his own companies, has been invaluable and we are looking forward to working with him over the long term. Gary comes highly recommend, once again thank you for everything.”

Louis Rubino

Founder, CEO - Netwerk, Inc

Reorganization of complex medical device company

“We are an international high-tech firm in the advanced medical device industry with a complex array of related companies and affiliates that needed to be rationalized and consolidated under common ownership. Gary, with his deep business experience and brilliant analytical skills, was able to quickly understand and digest the legal maze and organize a proper Cap Table for all our stakeholders. His breakthrough work has been invaluable and we are looking forward to working with him over the long term.”

Ram Group Global

Founder, CEO

Fund raising for a small business start-up

“Gary did an excellent job addressing all my questions and I can vouch that his years of experience and deep knowledge helped me learn a lot about the startup process. I am looking forward to work with him again in the future.”

Zeno Saviour

Founder, CEO

Small business owner seeking last-minute advice on closing a deal to sell his company

“Excellent service! It was Saturday night when I connected with Gary over the phone, with a project deadline for Sunday evening, guess what? The work was delivered as promised and I was very impressed. He definitely got a client for life :)”

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Marcio Vasconselos

Founder, CEO

Above and beyond in delivering the milestones

Gary is one of the best business advisors and mentors I’ve ever worked with. He is a fast, knowledgeable and experienced. He gave me guidance for my business, plus he went above and beyond in delivering the milestones. When you are trying to get things done, working with the best is much cheaper than mediocre

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Kamel Takla

Founder, CEO

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