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Entrepreneurs are using the CAFÉ to Raise Unlimited Capital Across a Diverse Investor Base with Fixed Dilution and Compliant Secondary Trading
May 3, 2022. Sterling Advisory Services, a leading professional services firm whose services include helping pre-revenue and early-stage companies launch a Rolling SAFE (“Rolling Simple Agreement for Future Equity”), released an update on the performance of the Rolling SAFEs it is following.

First, a refresher: What is a Rolling SAFE?

Launched in early 2021, a Rolling SAFE is modeled after a traditional SAFE but includes new and unique features that benefit both business owners and investors:

Continuous, open ended offering
No limit on the amount of capital raised
No limit on the number of times an investor can invest
Secondary Market Trading
Off-balance sheet, non-voting security
Fully compliant
Complementary with other fundraising activities
Cost effective
Up and running in as little as 4-6 weeks


Among the companies we tracked over the last eight months:

Average Number of New Investors:      52
Average Amount Invested:      $ 17,200
Average Company Valuation:      $12,600,000
Average Increase in Valuation:      26.9%
Average Amount Raised:      $942,700
Average Token Price:      $7.60
Appreciation in Token Price:      19%
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About Sterling Advisory Services

Brothers Richard and Gary Nacht have owned and advised thousands of companies ranging from start-ups to over $1 billion in revenue across retail, distribution, manufacturing, professional services, technology and more. Together they bring a unique combination of comprehensive legal and business advisory services to each Rolling SAFE (formerly CAFÉ) they create for their clients, going far beyond what is available from traditional law and investment banking firms. They were among the first to help pioneer a Rolling SAFE and were instrumental in crafting Offering Documents significantly more robust for business owners, delivered in less time and at significantly lower cost than the competition.

Gary Nacht, Co-founder

Richard Nacht, Co-founder

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